Sex Manual every girl must read! A memoir about sex lessons and men

What every woman must know about sex, written in one scandalously entertaining novel:

cover lilm

Lessons in Lovemaking reads like a sex diary, written in the comedic voice of a Tina Fey and reminiscent of comedienne Chelsea Handler’s Horizontal Life: One Night StandsLessons in Lovemaking is an anthology of funny sex stories, spilling the dirt on hook-ups, boyfriends and their performance in the bedroom. You’ll giggle at every turn of the page.

The best part is the 62 Rules of Sex, compiled as “lessons learned” from our heroine’s many sexual accidents.

Chapter Previews:


Chapter 1 – Always a dildo, never a man

Chapter 2 – Swallow your pride + (Taste of Come)

Chapter 3 – Jalen’s Fetishes + (Men and Vibrators)

Chapter 4 – Good Morning Blow Job

Chapter 5 – Sex Kitten 

Chapter 6 – Heartbreaker, Jawbreaker (available in Lessons in Lovemaking)

Chapter 7 – Guys have G-spots? (available in Lessons in Lovemaking)

Chapter 8 – The Kennedy Curse: Poison Prick

Chapter 9 – Hot and Wet Shower Sex 

Chapter 10 – Fanny Got Fingered (available in Lessons in Lovemaking)

Chapter 11 – Uncut and Unrated + The Condom Quest

Chapter 12 – Smokin’ Weed, Smokin’ Sex

Chapter 13 – Fat Fuck

Chapter 14 – Nine Inches In 

Chapter 15 – Rough Rider (available in Lessons in Lovemaking)

Chapter 16 – Sex Tape 

Chapter 17 – He Put A Ring On It!

Chapter 18 – Pill Poppers Can’t Pop Boners (available in Lessons in Lovemaking)

Chapter 19 – Happy Ending (available in Lessons in Lovemaking)

Chapter 20 – Morning After (available in Lessons in Lovemaking)

Epilogue (available in Lessons in Lovemaking)


What every woman should know about sex is all in this book! A novel you CANNOT put down, Lessons in Lovemaking does not spare the dirty details about the Dirty Deed. If you like Sex and the City and Bridget Jones, you’d love this uproariously funny and provocative read.

Lessons in Lovemaking” is available on Amazon here.

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